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Henrikki Liimatainen

Associate Professor
Fibre and Particle Engineering
University of Oulu


  Assoc. Prof. Henrikki Liimatainen leads the cellulose team in the Fiber and Particle Research Unit. Research focus on new biomaterials and chemicals derived from cellulose - especially fabrication of nano- and microcelluloses and their applications: Nanocellulose as a novel class of Bionanochemicals: adsorbents, flocculation agents, surfactants, emulsifiers. Nanocellulose in barriers and films, filters and membranes, nanopapers, smart materials and templated structures. Deep eutectic solvents and periodate oxidation in cellulose modification. Surface and colloid chemistry of cellulose systems.

Research Interest

  Biomaterials and -chemicals based on celluloses, Nano- and microcelluloses, Bionanochemicals: adsorbents, surfactants, emulsifying agents, flocculants, Nanostructured materials: films, membranes, aerogels, barriers, Cellulose modification: deep eutectic solvents and oxidation.


  • Ojala J, Sirviö JA, Liimatainen H. Nanoparticle emulsifiers based on bifunctionalized cellulose nanocrystals as marine diesel oil–water emulsion stabilizers. Chemical Engineering Journal. 2016 Mar 15;288:312-20.

  • Selkälä T, Sirviö JA, Lorite GS, Liimatainen H. Anionically Stabilized Cellulose Nanofibrils through Succinylation Pretreatment in Urea–Lithium Chloride Deep Eutectic Solvent. ChemSusChem. 2016 Nov 9;9(21):3074-83.

  • Sirviö JA, Visanko M, Liimatainen H. Acidic deep eutectic solvents as hydrolytic media for cellulose nanocrystal production. Biomacromolecules. 2016 Aug 8;17(9):3025-32.

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