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Leena Kuure

University Lecturer
Languages and Literature
University of Oulu


  Leena Kuure is a university lecturer at University of Oulu, Finland. She teaches engilish philisophy and applied language studies. She is the author of several articles published in many reputed journals.

Research Interest

  Technology-rich everyday life, multimodal (inter)action, nexus analysis, language learning and teaching.


  • Kuure L, Molin-Juustila T, Keisanen T, Riekki M, Iivari N, Kinnula M. Switching perspectives: from a language teacher to a designer of language learning with new technologies. Computer Assisted Language Learning. 2016 Jul 3;29(5):925-41.

  • Luoma P, Kinnula M, Kuure L, Halkola E, Riekki M. The planning and building of a new residential community: A discourses survey. Apples: Journal of Applied Language Studies. 2016;10.

  • Koivistoinen H, Kuure L, Tapio E. Appropriating a new language learning approach: Processes of resemiotisation.

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