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Alho Petteri

Department of Geography and Geology
University of Turku


Dr. Alho Petteri is Professor in Department of Geography and Geology, University of Turku. He is associated with Fluvial Research Group in which the study riverine systems is being conducted using laser scanning, sediment transport sampling, mobile current profiling and bathymetric modelling.

Research Interest

"Fluvial processes; Floods, flood hazards; Hydraulic modeling; Geoinformatics."


  • Baker VR, Bjornstad BN, Gaylord DR, Smith GA, Meyer SE, Alho P, Breckenridge RM, Sweeney MR, Zreda M. Pleistocene megaflood landscapes of the Channeled Scabland. Field Guides. 2016 Apr 1;41:1-73.

  • Kämäri M, Alho P, Colpaert A, Lotsari E. Spatial variation of river-ice thickness in a meandering river. Cold Regions Science and Technology. 2017 May 31;137:17-29.

  • Kasvi E, Laamanen L, Lotsari E, Alho P. Flow Patterns and Morphological Changes in a Sandy Meander Bend during a Flood—Spatially and Temporally Intensive ADCP Measurement Approach. Water. 2017 Feb 10;9(2):106.

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