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Eevi Rintamäki

Molecular Plant Biology
University of Turku


Eevi Rintamäki, is a Professor in Department of Molecular Plant Biology,University of Turku.Her current Research focuses on Redox networks in plant chloroplasts.

Research Interest

Systemic analysis of chloroplast redox networks with specific focus on the plastidial members of thioredoxin protein family, and molecular dissection of their function in plant development, control of chloroplast metabolism, determination of biomass yield and in relation to plant fitness.


  • Nikkanen L, Rintamäki E. Thioredoxin-dependent regulatory networks in chloroplasts under fluctuating light conditions. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B. 2014 Apr 19;369(1640):20130224.

  • Nikkanen L, Toivola J, Diaz MG, Rintamäki E. Chloroplast thioredoxin systems: prospects for improving photosynthesis. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B. 2017 Sep 26;372(1730):20160474.

  • Nikkanen L, Toivola J, Rintamäki E. Crosstalk between chloroplast thioredoxin systems in regulation of photosynthesis. Plant, cell & environment. 2016 Aug 1;39(8):1691-705.

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