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Kirsi Lehto

Adjunct Professor
Molecular Plant Biology
University of Turku


Kirsi Lehto is a Adjunct Professor in Department of Molecular Plant Biology,University of Turku.Her current Research focuses RNA-silencing in plants, and its suppression with various virus-derived silencing suppressors in transgenic N. tabacum and N. benthamina plants.

Research Interest

Role and significance of RNA silencing and of viral silencing suppressors in systemic cell biology, signalling and defence mechanisms.


  • Lehto HJ, Zaprudin B, Lehto KM, Lönnberg T, Silén J, Rynö J, Krüger H, Hilchenbach M, Kissel J. Analysis of COSIMA spectra: Bayesian approach. Geoscientific Instrumentation, Methods and Data Systems. 2015 Jan 1;4(1):139.

  • Verseux C, Baqué M, Lehto K, de Vera JP, Rothschild LJ, Billi D. Sustainable life support on Mars–the potential roles of cyanobacteria. International Journal of Astrobiology. 2016 Jan;15(1):65-92.

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