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Mika Hirvensalo

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Turku


Mika Hirvensalo is working as Docent, Lecturer ,Department of Mathematics and Statistics ,University of Turku.His Research interest include Quantum computing.

Research Interest

Quantum computing; Decision questions; Probabilistic automata; Information Theory; Number theory;


  • Hirvensalo M, Moutot E, Yakaryılmaz A. On the computational power of affine automata. InInternational Conference on Language and Automata Theory and Applications 2017 Mar 6 (pp. 405-417). Springer, Cham.

  • Bell PC, Hirvensalo M, Potapov I. The identity problem for matrix semigroups in SL 2 (ℤ) is NP-complete. InProceedings of the Twenty-Eighth Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms 2017 Jan 16 (pp. 187-206). Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics.

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