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Natalia Battchikova

Adjunct Professor
Molecular Plant Biology
University of Turku


Natalia Battchikova is Adjunct Professor in Department of Molecular Plant Biology,University of Turku.She is currently involved in Project entitled- Photosynthesis - from regulation of light reactions towards applications to boost bioeconomy (FCoE project) .

Research Interest

Photosynthesis research:regulation of photosynthesis.


  • Bersanini L, Allahverdiyeva Y, Battchikova N, Heinz S, Lespinasse M, Ruohisto E, Mustila H, Nickelsen J, Vass I, Aro EM. Dissecting the Photoprotective Mechanism Encoded by the flv4‐2 Operon: a Distinct Contribution of Sll0218 in Photosystem II Stabilization. Plant, cell & environment. 2017 Mar 1;40(3):378-89.

  • Ramos‐León F, Mariscal V, Battchikova N, Aro EM, Flores E. Septal protein SepJ from the heterocyst‐forming cyanobacterium Anabaena forms multimers and interacts with peptidoglycan. FEBS Open Bio.

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