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Rappu Pekka

University teacher
University of Turku


Dr. Rappu Pekka is currently working as a University teacher in the Department of Biochemistry, University of Turku. His research interests includes studying the structure¬–function relationship of the collagen receptor integrins.

Research Interest

Integrin signaling, especially atypical signaling mechanisms, including low avidity integrin–ligand interaction and signaling by nonactivated integrins


  • Salmela M, Rappu P, Lilja J, Niskanen H, Taipalus E, Jokinen J, Heino J. Tumor promoter PMA enhances kindlin-2 and decreases vimentin recruitment into cell adhesion sites. The international journal of biochemistry & cell biology. 2016 Sep 30;78:22-30.

  • Salmela M, Jokinen J, Tiitta S, Rappu P, Cheng RH, Heino J. Integrin α2β1 in nonactivated conformation can induce focal adhesion kinase signaling. Scientific Reports. 2017;7.

  • Sipilä KH, Ranga V, Rappu P, Mali M, Pirilä L, Heino I, Jokinen J, Käpylä J, Johnson MS, Heino J. Joint inflammation related citrullination of functional arginines in extracellular proteins. Scientific Reports. 2017;7.

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