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Seppo Mattila

Department of Physics and Astronomy 
University of Turku


Seppo Mattila is Professor in Department of Physics and Astronomy,University of Turku.His Research is on stellar explosions.

Research Interest

Research interests focus on observational work on core-collapse supernovae and range from detailed studies of individual supernovae​ and their progenitor stars to the use of supernovae as probes of their host galaxies, extinction and star formation rates


  • Väisänen P, Reunanen J, Kotilainen J, Mattila S, Johansson PH, Ramphul R, Romero-Cañizales C, Kuncarayakti H. Shutting down or powering up a (U) LIRG? Merger components in distinctly different evolutionary states in IRAS 19115− 2124 (the Bird). Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 2017 Jul 21;471(2):2059-76.

  • Kangas T, Blagorodnova N, Mattila S, Lundqvist P, Fraser M, Burgaz U, Cappellaro E, Carrasco Martínez JM, Elias-Rosa N, Hardy LK, Harmanen J. Gaia16apd–a link between fast and slowly declining type I superluminous supernovae. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. 2017 Jul 21;469(1):1246-58.

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