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Sergey Kosourov

Senior Research Fellow
Molecular Plant Biology
University of Turku


Sergey Kosourov is a Senior Research Fellow in Department of Molecular Plant Biology,University of Turku.He is currently involved in Project entitled Bioenergy from cyanobacteria and microalgae.

Research Interest

Areas of research: (i) basic photosynthesis research on cyanobacteria and microalgae; (ii) the biodiversity of Nordic cyanobacteria and microalgae as a source of fine chemicals and biofuels; and (iii) immobilization for improved light conversion efficiency.


  • Jokel M, Kosourov S, Battchikova N, Tsygankov AA, Aro EM, Allahverdiyeva Y. Chlamydomonas flavodiiron proteins facilitate acclimation to anoxia during sulfur deprivation. Plant and Cell Physiology. 2015 Jun 10;56(8):1598-607.

  • Kosourov S, Murukesan G, Jokela J, Allahverdiyeva Y. Carotenoid biosynthesis in Calothrix sp. 336/3: composition of carotenoids on full medium, during diazotrophic growth and after long-term H2 photoproduction. Plant and Cell Physiology. 2016 Aug 12;57(11):2269-82.

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