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Soukka Tero

University of Turku


Dr.Soukka Tero is a Professor in Department of Biotechnology,University of Turku. Dr.Timo's current Research focuses on Bioaffinity assay technology research which is associated with development of a high performance, yet relatively simple, assay technology platform for next-generation Diagnostics.

Research Interest

In vitro Diagnostics and assay technology.


  • Lahtinen S, Wang Q, Soukka T. Long-Lifetime Luminescent Europium (III) Complex as an Acceptor in an Upconversion Resonance Energy Transfer Based Homogeneous Assay. Analytical chemistry. 2015 Dec 9;88(1):653-8.

  • Kale V, Päkkilä H, Vainio J, Ahomaa A, Sirkka N, Lyytikäinen A, Talha SM, Kutsaya A, Waris M, Julkunen I, Soukka T. Spectrally and Spatially Multiplexed Serological Array-in-Well Assay Utilizing Two-Color Upconversion Luminescence Imaging. Analytical chemistry. 2016 Mar 29;88(8):4470-7.

  • Sirkka N, Lyytikäinen A, Savukoski T, Soukka T. Upconverting nanophosphors as reporters in a highly sensitive heterogeneous immunoassay for cardiac troponin I. Analytica chimica acta. 2016 Jun 21;925:82-7.

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