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Tiina Myyryläinen

Project researcher
University of Turku


Tiina Myyryläinen is a Project researcher in Department of Biotechnology,University of Turku.Her current Research focuses on Point-of-care diagnostics.

Research Interest

Studying biochemical and technological approaches to rapid and cost-effective biochemical tests.


  • Myyryläinen T, Talha SM, Swaminathan S, Vainionpää R, Soukka T, Khanna N, Pettersson K. Simultaneous detection of Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 and Hepatitis B virus infections using a dual-label time-resolved fluorometric assay. Journal of nanobiotechnology. 2010 Nov 26;8(1):27.

  • Juntunen E, Myyryläinen T, Salminen T, Soukka T, Pettersson K. Performance of fluorescent europium (III) nanoparticles and colloidal gold reporters in lateral flow bioaffinity assay. Analytical biochemistry. 2012 Sep 1;428(1):31-8.

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