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Dr. Yves Cazals

INSERM Research Director
pathophysiology and rehabilitation


Dr. Yves Cazals is known to be one of the most famous international experts on pathophysiology and rehabilitation of deafness and tinnitus. He spent the majority of his Research Career studying cochlear disorders by bridging clinical observations with animal experiments using electrophysiological and histological techniques, which are now the references for detecting and measuring hearing loss and tinnitus in pharmacology. His mentoring of CILcare’s activity has been absolutely key in putting CILcare’s offer at the cutting edge of scientific progress in translational sciences, especially with regards to tinnitus. With the image of an outstanding federator, his circle of partners is not only focused on research in pharmacology but has extended to several other transversal areas, which really gives to the hearing research he is contributing to, the perspectives it deserves. In the end, what matters is bringing solutions to people who suffer from hearing disorders, isn’t it? We are very proud to have Doctor Cazal as one of our Scientific Advisors.

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pathophysiology and rehabilitation

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