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Dr. Thomas Boc

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 Dr. Thomas Boc is in private full-time practice in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. His practice motto is “Expect Excellence.” He and his staff take great pride in providing the highest standard of care possible for every patient. He says, “Our goal is to present several treatment options with the pros and cons of each option, and then allow the patient to decide which path of treatment they feel would be most helpful to them. We want our patients to understand their dental needs as well as their treatment options as completely as possible. We take the time needed to explain their care in detail and answer all their questions.” His practice centers on the replacement of missing teeth with dental implants for improved chewing ability and improved facial aesthetics. Dr. Boc began his college education at Purdue University and later graduated with a BSc. degree from The Ohio State University and a doctorate degree from Emory University School of Dentistry. He was the recipient of the Emory University Brown Scholarship Academic Award and was previously honored with a full undergraduate scholarship from The Ohio State University for his work in drug abuse rehabilitation. After graduation from dental school, Dr. Boc completed a General Practice Internship in Hospital Dentistry at Long Island Jewish Hillside Medical Center followed by his residency training in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Connecticut Health Sciences Center. He was chief resident at Hartford Hospital and St. Francis Medical Centers and was honored to be chosen as Chief Resident of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery service during his second year of residency. Dr. Boc returned to Atlanta to begin his private practice and serve as Department Chairman of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital in 1983 and from 1988 to 1997. He also served as Chairman of the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Department at North Fulton Regional Medical Center in 1987 and 1989. Dr. Boc’s research work includes “Micro-vascular Blood Flow Changes Affected by Movement, Distance and Steroids.” His published works include “Revascularization After Major Movements in Facial Reconstruction,” “The Role of Steroids in Preserving Micro-Vascular Blood Flow in Osteotomy Segments,” “Human Jaw Focal Osteoporotic Marrow Defect–An Ischemic or Post-Ischemic Phenomenon? Literature Review and Evaluation of 596 New Cases” and “Use of the Vizor Osteotomy for Mandibular Atrophy.” He has been a contributing editor for many published books in both dentistry and medicine including “Esthetics in Dentistry” by Ronald Goldstein, DDS and “Hypothyroidism Type 2” by Mark Starr, MD. Dr. Boc has made numerous teaching presentations including “The Arthroscopic Treatment of TMJ Disorders,” “Dental Implants–A New and Better Way,” “The Laser Cure for Snoring,” “Laser Facial Resurfacing–The Pros and Cons,” “Wisdom Tooth Removal and Faster Recovery” and “Advanced Practice Managed Care Concepts,” “The Routine Use of Platelet Rich Plasma for Accelerated Healing and Significant Pain Reduction.” Dr. Boc was a founding member and first CEO of Atlanta’s Benchmarq Healthcare Systems LLC, a group of 23 oral surgeons dedicated to providing top quality oral and maxillofacial surgery care in the managed care environment. Dr. Boc’s teaching assignments include previous clinical professorships at the University of Connecticut Health Sciences Center, Emory University School of Dentistry and Grady Memorial Hospital.

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