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Nazibrola Chitadze

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Nazibrola Chitadze is the Head of WHO accredited Serology (measles, rubella and rotavirus groups) Laboratory of Department of Virology, Molecular Epidemiology and Genome Research at R G Lugar Center for Public Health Research, National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC&PH). She is graduated from Preventive Medicine Faculty of Tbilisi State University in 2001 and South Caucasus Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program (SCFELTP), USCDC and NCDC and PH in 2011. Since 2002, she works at NCDC and PH. Her current research interests include assessment and evaluation of cell mediated and humoral immunity developed in humans in response to Bacillus anthracis and tularemia infection. In 2016, she was awarded for her special contribution to the field of public health care.

Research Interest

Virology, Molecular Epidemiology,humoral immunity

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