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Revathi P Shenoy

Kasturba Medical College


Dr Revathi P Shenoy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biochemistry. Her Academic responsibilities: Planning and teaching undergraduate and post graduate curriculum. Guiding research projects for both undergraduate and postgraduate students and PhD students. Teaching, valuation, question paper setting of undergraduate (MBBS)/post graduates, seminars. Serving as a faculty mentor for a group of medical students. Non academic responsibilities: Diagnostic laboratory work at Department of Biochemistry, KMC, Manipal as a part of Kasturba Hospital , Manipal.

Research Interest

Nutrition Proteins and its functions in Child and Women’s health. Nutritional factors effecting health care system. Indian traditional medicine – scientific basis of its functioning. Bioethics and Student mentoring


  • Prabhu K, Bhat V, Shenoy R , Rao P. Faculties feedback on powerpoint based spotter examination for first year medical students. 2013;5(4).

  • Revathi PS, Carnelio RB, Shenoy RP, ArchanaPriya E, Bhavya PK, Revathi P. Prabhu K, Rao A. Altered Biochemical Parameters in Saliva of Pediatric Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. 2012. Feb; 37(2): 330–334.

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