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President and CEO, Moves Noramco in a New Strategic Directio


 James Mish, President and CEO, Moves Noramco in a New Strategic DirectionNoramco’s President and CEO, James Mish, signed on in July of 2016 to transform the now independent specialty API company into a business that delivers extra value.“We are transforming the business to deliver extra value in three ways: through commercial excellence, meaning bringing up our standard of customer service, not just as an API maker but also as a full solution provider; new operational excellence, making sure we operate our assets more efficiently; and, strategic growth,” Mish said. To grow the business, Mish is moving forward with global API registrations that began years ago to make Noramco’s portfolio of specialty APIs accessible to pharmaceutical product makers in additional markets. He also plans to accelerate growth by expanding the company’s portfolio of controlled APIs. Since taking the helm of Noramco, he has accelerated Noramco’s API innovation pipeline, moving five products forward to full development in just 5 months. “We moved forward with five product initiatives, including new additions to the amphetamines family, the addition of methylphenidate and hydrocodone base APIs, and a new cannabinoid partnership with Teewinot Life Sciences.” Moreover, Mish is applying a ”solution” model to drive extra value for customers and add value beyond typical supplier-customer opportunities. “While we are not a CDMO or a full-dosage-form maker, we are an API manufacturer with a global leading position in controlled substances, and we want to go one step further for customers with our formulation science capabilities, to enable them to accelerate their growth and speed to market.” Understanding that all of these initiatives require a culture of innovation, Mish has aligned everyone at Noramco to follow the CLEAR principles. Focusing on CLEAR principles is a core part of the company’s plan to continually improve the quality and value of its products and services and to deliver new technology solutions to customers in the pharmaceutical industry. CLEAR is founded on the premise that open, inclusive collaboration within the company and with customers is the key to unlocking productivity enhancements that assure best-in-class products and solutions.

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