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Mary Ellen Oesterl

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  Overview Dr. Oesterle serves as the department head of the Physical Therapy Department in the College of Health Sciences and Professions at the University of North Georgia. She has over 35 years experience in higher education and physical therapy. Courses Taught ·         Clinical Problems VII: Mgmt Multi-Syst Impairments ·         Clinical Physiology II: Exercise Physiology Education ·         BS, Biological Science, Purdue University, 1977 ·         BS and Certificate, Physical Therapy, Northwestern University, 1978 ·         MS, Exercise Physiology with Physical Therapy Emphasis, University of Kentucky, 1983 ·         EdD, Exercise Physiology, University of Kentucky, 1988 Research/Special Interests Research and Training Grants Submitted/Awarded ·         “Analysis of Skeletal Muscle Regeneration in Cytokine Knockout Mice” MCG Intramural Grant PI Fall 2002 27,000 (not funded) ·         “Age and Disease Related Changes in Human Walking” Collaborator NIH 2004 $525,000 (not funded) ·         “Effects of Iontophoresis with Dexamethasone on Adrenal Function” PI $2500 (Funded by EMPI Corporation) 2000 ·         High Pressure Liquid Chromatographic Determination of Dexamethasone in Blood Following Phonophoresis” Co-investigator for Physical Therapy Foundation Grant $15,000 (not funded) ·         “Fibromyalgia, Rhinitis and Insulin-Like Growth Factors” Co-investigator for Health and Human Services Public Health Grant $586.075 (not funded) ·         Effects of Soreness Inducing Exercise on CK, CRP and Complement in Women with Fibromyalgia” East Carolina University Faculty Grant $1,500 (funded) ·         Evaluation of the Dose-Response of Ketoprofen Gel in the Relief of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness” Consultant for Marion Merrell Dow Multicenter Project $21,000 (funded) 1992 ·         “Effects of Phonophoresis with Dexamethasone Phosphate on Adrenal Function” East Carolina University Faculty Grant $935 (funded) 1990 Special Interests ·         Animal Rescue ·         Photography ·         Tennis

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