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Mohammad(reza) Nourbakhsh

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  Overview Dr. Nourbakhsh joined the Department of Physical Therapy at North Georgia College in 2002 and is currently a Professor of Physical Therapy at the University of North Georgia. Dr. Nourbakhsh earned his PT degree from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 1982, his MS PT from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1990, and his PhD in Physical Therapy from the University of Iowa in 1993. In 2005, Dr. Nourbakhsh became an ABPTS Board Certified Clinical Specialist in Orthopedics.  Dr. Nourbakhsh has extensive experience in manual therapy of spine, TMJ dysfunctions, and chronic pain. He is a Founding Member of the Fascia Research Society and his research emphasizes use of alternative treatments, mainly Oscillating Energy Manual Therapy, for treating musculoskeletal problems and diabetic neuropathy. His primary teaching areas include clinical musculoskeletal problem series (spine and extremities), clinical research methods, statistics, kinesiology and modalities.

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