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Craig M. Bernfield

Omega Health Care of Georgia


 Mr. Bernfield brings to our Board extensive business, managerial and leadership experience with over 20 years of experience as an investor in the skilled nursing facilities (“SNF”) industry. Mr. Bernfield was appointed to our Board effective April 1, 2015 pursuant to the Merger Agreement with Aviv. Mr. Bernfield is former Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of Aviv and served in such capacity since he co-founded Aviv Healthcare Properties Limited Partnership in 2005 until our merger with Aviv on April 1, 2015. Prior to co-founding Aviv, Mr. Bernfield was Chief Executive Officer and President of Karell Capital Ventures, Inc. (“KCV”), which he joined in 1990. KCV managed the entities that were combined in 2005 in connection with the formation of Aviv's operating partnership. Mr. Bernfield has been an investor in the nursing home industry for approximately 20 years.  

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 Community Medicine & Health Education

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