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Shiro Kuniya

Outside Director,
Takeda Pharmaceutical


 Shiro Kuniya Outside Director, Chairperson of Audit & Supervisory Committee April 1982  Registered as an attorney-at-law (Osaka Bar Association) April 1982  Joined Oh-Ebashi Law Offices May 1987  Registered as an attorney-at-law at New York Bar Association June 1997  Outside Corporate Auditor, Sunstar Inc April 2002  Managing Partner, Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners (to present) June 2006  Outside Corporate Auditor, NIDEC CORPORATION April 2011  Chairman, Inter-Pacific Bar Association March 2012  Outside Director, NEXON Co.,Ltd. (to present) June 2012  Outside Director, EBARA CORPORATION (to present) June 2013  Outside Director, Sony Financial Holdings Inc. (to present) June 2013  Outside Corporate Auditor of the Company June 2016  Outside Director, Chairperson of Audit & Supervisory Committee of the Company (to present)

Research Interest

 Chairperson of Audit & Supervisory Committee

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