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Robert S. Bowen

Associate Professor
Truett McConnell University


During my undergraduate education at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, MI, I entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ. This experience completely altered my life. I had been a cross-country skier with intentions of becoming an Olympic athlete, but through a variety of circumstances God rectified my life to His son and pulled me from the mire of elite athletics. I went from a ski-bum never expecting to graduate to a steadfast learner. It was during a post-doctoral fellowship after completing my PhD that God again tugged on my heart and re-focused my vision to the training of Christian biologists. An unexpected offer to join the science and mathematics faculty at Truett McConnell University was the answer to God’s tug on my heart. As an Associate Professor of Physiology, I strive to impart my knowledge of physiology, cellular biology, and endocrinology on our students while allowing God to focus and sharpen each student ’s life for ministry. I am in the business of training Christians to become biologists that will someday soon storm the secular world of science with the hope of Christ.

Research Interest

physiology, cellular biology, and endocrinology


  • Bowen, RS, BE Cates, EB Combs, BM Dillard, JT Epting, BR Foster, SV Patterson, TP Spivey. Stabilization of the wheel running phenotype in mice. Physiology and Behavior. 155:149-156, 2016.

  • Cates, BE, BM Dillard, BR Foster, SV Patterson, TP Spivey, EB Combs, RS Bowen. Effects of varying doses of estrogen and caudal pressure on wheel running in orchidectomized male mice. Journal of Applied Physiology. [in preparation].

  • Stott, NL, MR Abreu, BE Cates, BM Dillard, BR Foster, MJ Haskett, JC Lee, HG Simoes, TP Spivey, RS Bowen. Prolonged effects of estrogen on physical activity levels following orchidectomy. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. [in preparation].

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