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Dr. Siegfried G. Richter

Apl. Professor
Protestant Theology
University of Munster

Dr. Siegfried G. Richter


Academic function: Scientific assistant (responsible for the New Testament in Coptic transmission at the "Novum Testament Graecum - Editio Critica Maior") apl. Prof. at the Institute of Egyptology and Coptology Short Biography: Born 1960 in Castrop-Rauxel; After graduation from high school (1980) and extended civilian service beginning of the study of philosophy, Egyptology and classical archeology in the SoSe 1983 in Münster Magister Artium 1989 with the subjects of Koptologie, Ägyptologie und Christian Archeology Since 1990 coworker at the workplace for Manichäismusforschung of the University of Münster Dissertation in Koptologie 1993 with the work "Exegetisch-literarkritische Untersuchungen von Herakleidespsalmen of the Coptic-Manichaean Psalmsbuches" Awarded the 1999 Alexander-Böhling-Prize in Tübingen for the monograph "The Ascent Risals of Herakleides. Investigations on the Ascent of Souls and the Solemmeasure of the Manichaeans" 2000 Habilitation in the subject of coptology with the work "Studies on the Christianization of Nubia" Teaching at the Institute of Egyptology and Coptology since 1994/95, 2003-2005 at the Oriental Seminar in Bonn as Teaching Assistant for the Christian Orient, 2004 at the Faculty of Theology of the University of Friborg (Switzerland) From 2004 to 2007 Professorship for the "Philologies of the Christian Orient" and the Coptology at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich 2008 Appointed as apl. Prof. in the Department of Philology at the University of Münster

Research Interest

The New Testament in Coptic, Novum Testamentum Greacum. Editio Critica Maior, Spätantikes Coptic Egypt, Manichaeism Research, Christian Nubia, Magic


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  • Studies on the Christianization of Nubia (Languages ​​and Cultures of the Christian Orient 11). Reichert Publisher: Wiesbaden 2002.

  • Remarks on magic elements of coptic spells. In: B. Kramer et al. (Eds.), Files of the 21st International Papyrologue Congress, Berlin, 13-19.8.1995, Stuttgart and Leipzig, Archives for Papyrusforschung Beiheft 3 (1997) 835-846.

  • The ascent plains of the Heraclea. Investigations on the rise of souls and on the soul-fair in the Manichaeans (languages ​​and cultures of the Christian Orient 1). Reichert Publisher: Wiesbaden 1997.

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