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Dr. Sven Bogdan

University of Munster


2012 Heisenberg Fellowship of the DFG; 2009 - 2011 Academic Supreme Council, WWU Münster since 2006 Independent junior research group leader, WWU Münster; 2000- 2006 Research associate at the Institute of Neuro- and Behavioral Biology, WWU Münster; 1997-2000 PhD-University of Applied Sciences, Essen; 1991 -1997 Studies of Biology Ruhr-University Bochum.

Research Interest

Actin-dependent Entwiclungsprozesse in Drosophila; Molecular control of actin dynamics


  • Bogdan S, O Grewe, Strunk M, Mertens A, Klambt C (2004) Sra-1 interacts with Chain and Wasp and is required for neuronal and bristle development in Drosophila. DEVELOPMENT 131: 3981-3989.

  • Schroter RH, Lier S, Wood A, Bogdan S, Klambt C, et al. (2004) Kette and blown fuse interact with the second fusion step of myogenesis in Drosophila. DEVELOPMENT 131: 4501-4509.

  • Bogdan S, Stephan R, Lobke C, Mertens A, Klambt C (2005) Abi activates WASP to promote sensory organ development. NATURECELL BIOLOGY 7: 977U76.

  • Stephan R, Grevelhorster A, Wenderdel S, Klambt C, Bogdan S (2008) Abi induces ectopic sensory organ formation by stimulating EGFR signaling. MECHANISMS OF DEVELOPMENT 125: 183-195.

  • Sander M, Squarr AJ, Risse B, Jiang X, Bogdan S (2013) Drosophila pupal macrophages - A versatile tool for combined ex vivo and in vivo imaging of actin dynamics at high resolution. European Journal of Cell Biology.

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