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Dr. Isaac K. Frimpong

Senior lecturer
Department of Chemical Engineering
Kumasi Polytechnic


 1) DR. ISAAC K. FRIMPONG has received his PhD from Yangtze University, China in the year 2016. Currently, he is working as Senior Lecturer in Kumasi Technical University in Department of Chemical Engineering. His research on petroleum products.

Research Interest

  Petroleum products


  • Isaac K Frimpong, Robert D Nagre, Lawrence Nti. The Effect of Water Sorbent on Lipase-Catalysed Esterification of Fatty Acid. Science and Technology. 2015; 5(1):15-19.

  • Robert D Nagre, Lin Zhao, Isaac K Frimpong, Qing-Mei Zhao. Assessment of two prop-2-enamide-based polyelectrolytes as property enhancers in aqueous bentonite mud (2015). Chemical Papers. 2016; 70(2):206–217.

  • RD Nagre, Lin Zhao, IK Frimpong, PA Owusu. Evaluation of Sulfonated Acrylamide-based Tetrapolymer as a Rheology Modifier in Water-based Drilling Fluid. Petroleum & Coal. 2015; 57(2):93-100.

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