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Julius C. Ahiekpor

Senior lecturer
Department of Chemical Engineering
Kumasi Polytechnic


 JULIUS C. AHIEKPOR has received his M.Sc in Chemical Engineering KNUST, Ghana. Currently, he is working as Senior Lecturer in Kumasi Technical University in Department of Chemical Engineering. His research has includes Chemical Process Equipment Design, Renewable Energy Technologies, Process Control and Dynamics, Chemical Process Industries.

Research Interest

  Chemical Process Equipment Design Renewable Energy Technologies Process Control and Dynamics Chemical Process Industries.


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  • Bensah EC, Antwi E, Ahiekpor JC. Improving Sanitation in Ghana: The Role of Sanitary Biogas Plants. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences. 2010; 5(2):125–133.

  • Bensah E C, Ahiekpor J, Boateng C. Migrating from subject-based to competency-based training in Higher National Diploma Chemical Engineering: the case of Kumasi Polytechnic. Education for Chemical Engineers. 2011.

  • Ahiekpor JC, Antwi E, Bensah EC. Use of solar water distiller for treatment of fluoride-contaminated water: The case of Bongo district of Ghana. Desalination-Elsevier. 2011.

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