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James E. Futse

Department of Animal Science
University of Ghana


James E. Futse is currently working as a Lecturer in Department of Animal Science, University of Ghana.

Research Interest

His research interests are understading 1) vector-borne disease transmission, 2) molecular mechanisms of pathogen persistence in the mammalian host, 3) antigenic properties and immunologic characteristics of Outer Membrane Proteins [Omp] of the pathogen strains and the consequences for vaccine development. He is currently initiating research addressing diversity of the outer membrane proteins (Omp) of A. marginale in Ghana cattle as preparation for his project development in the West African sub-region.


  • Futse, J.E., K.A. Brayton, S.D. Nydam and G.H. Palmer. (2009). Generation of antigenic variants via gene conversion: Evidence for recombination fitness selection at the locus level in Anaplasma marginale. Infection and Immunity 77: 3181-3187.

  • Noh, S.M., Y. Zhuang, J.E. Futse, W.C. Brown, K.A. Brayton and G.H. Palmer. (2010). The immunisation-induced antibody response to the Anaplasma marginale major surface protein 2 and its association with protective immunity. Vaccine 28: 3741-3747.

  • Ramabu, S.R., D.A. Schneider, K.A. Brayton, M.W. Ueti, T. Graca, J.E. Futse, S.M. Noh, T.V. Baszler, and G.H. Palmer. (2011). Expression of Anaplasma marginale ankyrin repeat-containing proteins during infection of the mammalian host and tick vector. Infection and Immunity 79: 2847-2855.

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