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Lawrence Markwei

Department of Journalism
University of Ghana


Times News Corporation Senior news reporter Lawrence Markwei was born and raised in Accra. He has lived in Accra all his life – not counting the times he visited other countries for various reasons including education. His hobbies are sports and horse racing. Mr. Markwei had his O-level education in St. Augustine’s College from 1981 to 1986 and continued to do his A-level in Tema secondary school. He was admitted to Akuapem Teachers Training College and taught in different schools for 12 years. After this, Lawrence decided to change his field of profession and the best that came to mind was the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ). “Journalism is an extension of teaching so my next profession easily fell in line with what I had been doing all along”. He gained admission to GIJ in the year 2005 and graduated in 2007 with a Diploma in journalism. He went on to fulfill his internship requirement with Times News Corporation (then Ghanaian Times) in 2008 and was employed as a full time employee after the internship due to his hardworking skills. He is currently the senior news reporter of Times News Corporation and performs his duties with distinction. He is also an executive of the Union of the company championing the course of worker’s welfare. Speaking about his experience as a senior news reporter for print, he made mention that unlike the electronic media, the practice of print reporting is more demanding and involving. Talking about his achievement, he said in the profession of journalism, you have to apply before you are recognized for having done good work. According to his philosophy, he is not all for awarding but he believes in the principle that people should trace and give deserving journalist what they deserve. Based on this mentality, he has never applied for a GJA award. He has taken many courses and attended workshops both internationally and locally that have helped build up his capacity. He identifies the problem of some students not knowing the main purpose of school and refusing to take their education serious. His advice to students of journalism is, “journalism is a calling and therefore you must have the love, build your capacity and have passion for it before you can shine. Tell the GIJ people that, when I graduated I graduated with a lot of people but looking around me only few are practicing, where are the rest, where did they go?”.

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Journalism, Social media.

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