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Thomas N.n. Nortey

Department of Animal Science
University of Ghana


Thomas N.N. Nortey is currently working as a Lecturer in Department of Animal Science, University of Ghana.

Research Interest

Areas of research include the use of unconventional feed ingredients in monogastric diets, feed processing and use of enzymes to improve the feeding value of feedstuffs, nutrient classification and availability determinations using digestibility techniques, the use of organic acids for improved gut health in monogastric animals.


  • Nortey, T. N., Manu-Barfo, P., Naazie, A.A. 2013. Effect of sorghum ba rley brewers spent grain as a feed ingredient on broiler performance and carcass quality. Bull. Anim. Health Prod. Afr. 61:89-99.

  • Nortey, T.N., Nurudeen, I., Naazie, A., and Hess, V. 2013. The use of whole cassava root meal as a partial replacement for maize in broiler diets. Ghana J. Anim. Sci., 7 (2) 123-132.

  • Nortey, T.N., Boadu, S., and Naazie A.A. 2013. Effect of phytase supplementation on performance of grower pigs fed diets based on maize, wheat bran and reducing levels of soyabean meal but low in nutrient density. Ghana J. Anim. Sci. 7 (2) 117-122.

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