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Karl Stampfer

Forest- and Soil Sciences
University of Natural Resources


2013 - First international honorary member of the Academy of Forestry Sciences, Zagreb honory member 2013 - Board of Trustees "Klagenfurter Holzmesse" advisor 2012 - Programmkomitee-Kongress INTERFORST München expert \2010 - AAER - Austrian Association for Agricultural Research advisory board member

Research Interest

(2016): Bewertung von Maßnahmen zur Effizienzsteigerung und Qualitätssicherung der Holzproduktion in Waldschutzgebieten - Demonstration am Beispiel der Quellenschutzwälder der Gemeinde Wien.


  • Holzleitner F, Stampfer K, Visser R. Utilization rates and cost factors in timber harvesting based on long-term machine data. Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering. 2011 Sep 15;32(2):501-8.

  • Holzleitner F, Kanzian C, Stampfer K. Analyzing time and fuel consumption in road transport of round wood with an onboard fleet manager. European Journal of Forest Research. 2011 Mar 1;130(2):293-301.

  • Stampfer K. Influence of terrain conditions and thinning regimes on productivity of a track-based steep slope harvester. InProc. of the International Mountain Logging and 10th Pacific Northwest Skyline Symp 1999 Mar 28 (Vol. 20).

  • Kanzian C, Holzleitner F, Stampfer K, Ashton S. Regional energy wood logistics–optimizing local fuel supply. Silva Fennica. 2009 Jan 1;43(1):113-28.

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