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Dr Ellen Ward

Dental Surgeon


 I have an interest in oral surgery, restorative dentistry and facialaesthetics.

Research Interest

xperience covers all aspects of general dentistry including:  o Cosmetic dentistry: teeth whitening chairside and using home kit (enlighten) o Endodontics: Multirooted and single canal teeth  o Restorative Dentistry: including all Amalgam, Composite and GIC fillings o Periodontics: Superficial and Deep scaling  o Fixed & Removable Prosthetics: Crown and Bridge preparations, design / placement of dentures o Extractions: Anterior and Posterior teeth  o Paediatric Dentistry: All procedures done on paediatric patients such as RCT, Crowns, Fillings o Oral Surgery: Surgical extractions of impacted teeth (assisted) o Aesthetic Dentistry; Composite build up of teeth o Dental Clearance: Comprehensive care including (Fillings, Extractions, RCTs) for special cardiac unit patients before their cardiac surgery and post operative care o Resident Training: 3 month rotation each in Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry during residency

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