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Sayed Rabia

Dental Surgeon/Practice Principal


I am empathetic towards my patients, manage to build good rapport with patients from all walks of life and have full command of English. 

Research Interest

xperience covers all aspects of general dentistry including:  o Cosmetic dentistry: teeth whitening chairside and using home kit (enlighten) o Endodontics: Multirooted and single canal teeth  o Restorative Dentistry: including all Amalgam, Composite and GIC fillings o Periodontics: Superficial and Deep scaling  o Fixed & Removable Prosthetics: Crown and Bridge preparations, design / placement of dentures o Extractions: Anterior and Posterior teeth  o Paediatric Dentistry: All procedures done on paediatric patients such as RCT, Crowns, Fillings o Oral Surgery: Surgical extractions of impacted teeth (assisted) o Aesthetic Dentistry; Composite build up of teeth o Dental Clearance: Comprehensive care including (Fillings, Extractions, RCTs) for special cardiac unit patients before their cardiac surgery and post operative care o Resident Training: 3 month rotation each in Oral Surgery, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry during residency

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