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Prof. Matteo Gelardi is a specialist in otorhinolaryngology with further subspecialties in allergy and immunology diagnostics and in application of morphometric and immunohistochemical techniques for oncologic diagnostics. Gelardi conducts clinical research in rhinology. In his study of defense mechanisms and cytologic alterations in upper respiratory infection, he has focused on nasal cytology, achieving recognition for his work in Italy and abroad. Currently, Prof. Gelardi is Chief of Rhinology Services of the ENT Clinic, University of Bari, and visiting professor at the University of Padua where he holds postgraduate courses in clinical rhinology and nasal cytology. He is coordinator and instructor of postgraduate courses in rhinology and theoretical-practical courses in rhinology at the ENT Clinic, University of Bari. Involved in the teaching and dissemination of nasal cytology, he regularly holds Masters seminars in nasal cytology accredited by the Ministry of Health. As part of the continuing medical education program, these courses are directed at specialists in respiratory diseases (ENT, pediatrics, allergy, respiratory diseases, etc.).  At his Internet site visitors can study some of the many aspects of cytologic diagnosis. Prof Gelardi is the author of many scientific publications, including an atlas of nasal cytology and President of Italian Academy of Rhinology (IAR)

Research Interest

ENT, pediatrics, allergy, respiratory diseases, etc.

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