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Barbieri M

Surgical Medical Sciences, Neurological , Metabolic and aging
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Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine at Second University of Naples (SUN). Since 1996 she has focused his research interest on the peculiar aspects of the aging processes, including the relationships among aging, glucose metabolism and cardiovascular diseases. In 2001 she collaborated with the Department of Experimental Medicine at Bologna University (Prof Franceschi) for the study of clinical and genetics aspect of longevity. She collaborated with the National Institute on Aging, Maryland-USA (Prof. Luigi Ferrucci) for epidemiological data processing of InCHIANTI study. Since 2006 she has scientific collaborations with the Center of Human Development and Aging, University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, Newark, United States (Dir. Abraham Aviv) for the study of telomere and telomerase biology and their impact on longevity. authors of 91 papers published on international journals (H index of 37) and referee for Experimental Diabetes Research; Acta Diabetologica; Journal of Diabetes Research; BMC Endocrine Disorders; PlosOne.

Research Interest

Ageing, Metabolism, Cardiovascular, Longevity

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