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Tsabouri Sophia

Department of Pediatrics / Paediatric Allergy
University Hospital of Ioannina


She obtained her PhD at the University of Barcelona (UB) in 2003. She has been mainly involved in the study of mechanisms of transmission of polyomaviruses and the use of adenoviruses and polyomaviruses as indicators of human viral contamination. Nowadays she is a tenured-track professor at the Microbiology Department of the Biology Faculty, University of Barcelona. She teaches at students of the Biology, Biochemistry, Environmental Science, and Biomedicine degrees and at students of the master's degree in Advanced Microbiology and the master's degree in Water. Interdisciplinary Analysis and Sustainable Management. She is also working on the characterization of viruses in different types of sample by applying Next Generation Sequencing Techniques.  

Research Interest

human DNA viruses, adenoviruses and polyomaviruses present in the environment and its potential application as indicators of fecal pollution from humanand/or animal origin (microbial source tracking)

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