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Gerasimos Pavlogeorgatos

Environmental Science
university of Aegean


Gerasimos Pavlogeorgatos is an Associate Professor at the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication, University of the Aegean. He holds a BSc and a PhD in Environmental Science (University of the Aegean). He is the director of the CHMLab and a member of the Water and Air Analysis Laboratory (University of the Aegean). He has published in international reviewed journals and in international conference proceedings on issues of pollution control and environmental monitoring aiming at the preservation of cultural heritage. He is the author of the books: i) Preservation of tangible cultural heritage, 2008, Athens: V. Giourdas Publishers (3rd ed.) and ii) Wood. Wood species, uses, structure, properties, threats, protection. 2012, Athens: Propobos publications. He has participated in several research projects concerning cultural heritage preservation and the protection of the natural and build environment (1992 – today). He teaches courses on heritage preservation at the Department of Cultural Technology and Communication (since 2000).

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Environmental Science

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