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Ming Yi Sun

Department of Marine Sciences
University of Georgia


Ming-Yi Sun’s career in Marine Science began at the Ocean University of China where he earned his M.S. in Marine Chemistry in 1982. He completed his doctoral degrees in 1992 at the State University of New York - Stony Brook, focusing on Sediment Early Diagenesis and Organic Geochemistry. The focus of his research is to investigate the biogeochemical cycling of organic compounds in marine ecosystems. His laboratory is applying molecular techniques of lipid biomarkers and their compoundspecific isotope compositions to an important emerging field in environmental biogeochemistry. His investigations build upon the discoveries of degradation mechanisms and rates of specific compounds under various environmental conditions. His longterm goals are to unravel the impacts of global climatic and environmental changes on organic carbon cycling in marine systems. He has been the Principal Organizer/Chairperson of 3 international research conferences on the estuarine and coastal oceanography. He is currently Professor in the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Georgia.

Research Interest

Biogeochemical cycling of organic matter in marine systems, Sediment diagenesis, Impact of global climate change on ecosystems, Applications of lipid biomarkers, Isotope geochemistry, Costal oceanography, Environmental pollution.

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