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Alex Bell Dental is a local practice where you can benefit from biological dentistry practices in Centerville OH. We have designed our office to serve patients comfortably and effectively, incorporating a health conscious approach to all of our services. Oral Health And The Body Traditional approaches to health care tend to focus on the relief of specific symptoms through medication. As we learn more about these methods, and gain insight into the body, we understand people crave improved health, rather than the treatment of symptoms. It is with this approach that your mercury free dentist in Centerville provides care. Your mouth is just one part of the intricate working system that is your body. Oral health is not separate from your overall health; it is directly tied to it. Health conditions can affect your oral health, and the state of your oral health, including the presence of infection or even certain restorative materials, can affect illness in the body. Dr. Cobb is a Centerville mercury free dentist who understands how important dental care is in the maintenance of health and wellbeing. Mercury-Free & Biological Dentistry Cosmetic Dentistry Oral Surgery Implants TMJ/TMD Gum Disease Treatment Sedation Dentistry Teeth Whitening

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