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Robert E. Young

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Mr. Robert E. Young is Director of Probe Manufacturing, Inc., since June 11, 2012. Prior to joining the board of directors in June of 2012, Mr. Young was Director of Mobile Services for Boeing Satellite Systems, Inc. (“BSS”), the world’s manufacturer of commercial satellites, where he was responsible for developing communication and navigation services for governmental and commercial clients. Prior to joining BSS, Mr. Young was the CFO and Chief of Business Operations for a joint venture between Hughes Electronics, General Motors and Delco Electronics. Previously, Mr. Young was assigned to the Hughes Electronics Corporate Office where he was responsible for mergers and acquisitions, identifying and developing foreign offset programs and served as the Hughes Chief Economist. Mr. Young currently sits on the board of Kinecta Federal Credit Union, which is the 9th credit union in the United States (having previously served as Kinecta’s Chairman of the board of directors from 2007-2009). Mr. Young received his B.S. degree from the San Diego State University and an M.BA. from Loyola Marymount University.

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Green Chemistry Green Engineering Green Catalytic modulations Green Energy Prospects & Technology Green Nanotechnology

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