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Weinan E

Professor and Chairman
Peking University-HKBU Joint Research Institute for Applied Mathematics
Hong Kong


"Weinan E is a Chinese mathematician. He is known for his work in applied mathematics, with applications to fluid mechanics and material science. In addition, he has worked on multiscale modeling and the study of rare events. He has also made contributions to homogenization theory, theoretical models of turbulence, stochastic partial differential equations, electronic structure analysis, multiscale methods, computational fluid dynamics, and weak KAM theory. He is currently a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Program in Applied and Computational Mathematics at Princeton University, and the Beijing International Center for Mathematical Research at Peking University."

Research Interest

Fluid dynamics, chemistry, material sciences, and soft condensed matter physics


  • Weinan E, V. Eijnden (2000) Another note on Burgers turbulence. Phys Fluids 12: 149-154.

  • Weinan E, V. Eijnden (1999) On the statistical solutions of Riemann equations and its implication for Burgers turbulence. Phys Fluids 11: 2149-2153.

  • Weinan E, V. Eijnden (1999) Asymptotic theory for the probability density functions in Burgers turbulence. Phys Rev Lett 83: 2572-2575.

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