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Doris W T Au

University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong


 Doris WT Au, Ph.D. (The University of Hong Kong and Portsmouth University, UK), is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong.

Research Interest

The DA lab is interested in toxicology research. Her team applies omics, molecular, biochemical and cellular approaches, together with relevant whole organismal phenotypic endpoints, to identify underlying mechanisms and to predict population level consequences. Her current research is focused on the investigation of multigenerational toxicity, with special interest in studying transgenerational inheritance of skeletal deformity, reproductive and immune impairments induced by environmental contaminants and physical stresses (including endocrine disruptors, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, hypoxia) using various medaka models.  The primary goals are for elucidating the underlying epigenetic/genetic mechanisms, developing novel prognostic/diagnostic epigenetic biomarkers and assessment of ecological and public health risks. She also has a keen interest in studying telomere and telomerase biology in fish and developing medaka as an alternative vertebrate model for aging research. Dr Au has over 120 peer reviewed publications and delivered over thirty invited symposia/plenary/keynote lectures.

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