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Terence C.w. Fong

University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong


Terence Fong received his B.Sc. (Hons) and M.Phil. from the University of Hong Kong. He is Partner of ERM leading Landscape and Ecology Team with over 15 years extensive experience in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Monitoring and Audit (EM&A) and environmental management, and responsible for overseeing EIA, ecological baseline surveys, Biodiversity Impact Assessments, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment and monitoring projects.  Terence has been involved in and managed numerous EIAs examining the impacts of developments including mining, oil & gas, landfill, power plant, wind farm, hydropower, solar power, port, highways, railways, pipelines and cables.  He is highly familiar with the requirements of international lenders relating to compliance with the IFC Performance Standards.  Terence has managed a number of international EIA studies, designed and supervised numerous habitat and IFC compliant Biodiversity Impact Assessments in the Asia Pacific region including: Kalimantan and Java (Indonesia), Vladivostok (Russia), Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Laos, Singapore, Korea, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Research Interest

His research was focused on (1) deep sequencing of transcriptome, small RNA transcriptome and methylome to revealcell signaling network in cancer development, (2) risk assessment of hepatic carcinogenesis associated with exposure of environmental pollutants, and (3) ecotoxicolgy of hypoxia.

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