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Cristian-nicolae Gaşpar

Medieval Studies
Central European University


Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar is currently a Lecturer in the department of Medieval Studies, Central European University, Hungary. He completed BA/Licenţă Classics, Universitatea de Vest, Timişoara (1997), MA Medieval Studies, Central European University, Budapest (1998) and PhD Medieval Studies, Central European University, Budapest (2006).

Research Interest

Late Antique Studies, Religion - Ecclesiastical history, Saints and their Cult, Monastic Orders.


  • Gaspar C. An Oriental in Greek Dress : The Making of a Perfect Christian Philosopher in the Philotheos Historia of Theodoret of Cyrrhus. Annual of medieval studies at CEU. 2008:193-229.

  • Gaspar C. The Spirit of Fornication, Whom the Children of the Hellenes Used to Call Eros’: Male Homoeroticism and the Rhetoric of Chastity in the Letters of Nilus of Ancyra. In: Van Deusen N, editor. Chastity : a study in perception, ideals, opposition. Leiden: Brill; 2008. p. 151-83.

  • Gaspar C. The Emperor Who Conversed with the Angels : The Making of a ‘Pagan’ Saint in the Fourth Century. In: Neamtu M, Tataru-Cazaban B, editors. Memory, humanity, and meaning : selected essays in honor of Andrei Plesu's sixtieth anniversary. Bucuresti: Zeta Books; 2009. p. 233-48.

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