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Gyorgy E. Szonyi

Medieval Studies
Central European University


György E. Szönyi is a visiting professor of cultural and intellectual history in the Departments of History and Medieval Studies at CEU. He is also professor of English and Hungarian Studies at the University of Szeged. He is a cultural- and literary historian with special interest in the Renaissance, the role of Western esotericism in early modern and postmodern culture/literature, cultural theory, especially in cultural symbolization and the relationship of words and images, and Hungarian Studies.

Research Interest

Art History and Visual Culture, Medieval Mentalities - Magic, Witchcraft and the Supernatural, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies, Theories of Culture.


  • Szőnyi GE. Book review: Used books : marking readers in Renaissance England.; 2008.

  • Szőnyi GE. Pictura & Scriptura : new and old approaches to image–word relations. Symbolism, an international annual of critical aesthetics. 2008;8:141-61.

  • Szőnyi GE. Book review: The sacrificial body and the day of doom : alchemy and apocalyptic discourse in the Protestant Reformation.; 2009.

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