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Zsolt Szendrő 

professor emeritus
 Animal Genetics and Biotechnology
Kaposvár University


Dr. Zsolt Szendrő  is currently working as professor emeritus in the Department of  Animal Genetics and Biotechnology, Kaposvar University, Hungary. Zsolt Szendrő  research interest includes  Animal Genetics and Biotechnology and has successfully completed their Administrative responsibilities. Zsolt Szendrő  has authored of many research articles related to  Animal Genetics and Biotechnology.

Research Interest

 Animal Genetics and Biotechnology


  • SZENDRŐ Z. New perspectives of housing reproducting and growing rabbits. InProc. 10th World Rabbit Congress, Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt 2012 (pp. 979-996).

  • Szendrő Z, Mikó A, Odermatt M, Gerencsér Z, Radnai I, Dezséry B, Garai E, Nagy I, Szendrő K, Matics Z. Comparison of performance and welfare of single-caged and group-housed rabbit does. animal. 2013 Mar;7(3):463-8.

  • Gerencsér Z, Szendro Z, Matics Z, Radnai I, Kovács M, Nagy I, Cullere M, Dal Bosco A, Dalle Zotte A. Effect of dietary supplementation of spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) and thyme (Thymus vulgaris) on apparent digestibility and productive performance of growing rabbits. World Rabbit Science. 2014 Mar 28;22(1):1-9.

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