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Gary S. Mezo

Chairman, CEO & Medical Scientist - NanoBiotech Ph
M?dicago Inc


s: Multiple chronic degenerative health issues, the relationships to pathological calcification, Nanobacteria (aka Nanobacterium sanguineum, Calcifying Nanoparticles, CNPs, NPs, NB), their LPS Biofilm, inflammation, infections and our pioneering development of multiple non-prescription Nanobiotics: NanobacTX, Urobac and more. Current: Founder/CEO/Medical Research Scientist at NanoBiotech Pharma, inventor of Nanobiotics. Past: 28yrs Family Practice and Emergency Medicine. ~23,000+ Direct LinkedIn connections and 42 Million Extended LinkedIn connections. If you are a healthcare provider that would like to utilize NanobacTX and/or Urobac in your practice, please direct message me or EMail to: [email protected]

Research Interest

My company, NanoBiotech Pharma, helps people with unmet health needs achieve better health through our pioneering R&D. 20 years of Peer-Reviewed Published in-house and collaborative bench science, clinical trials and published independently-conducted clinical studies. 

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