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Emma Bullock

Assistant Professor
School of Public Policy
School of Public Policy at Central European University


Emma was awarded her PhD, 'Informed Consent and Justified Hard Paternalism,' at the University of Birmingham in 2012. Emma completed her postdoctoral research in philosophy of medicine at King's College London (2013-14) as part of the 'Concepts of Health' project (funded by the Wellcome Trust). Prior to this she was a Visiting Fellow in Philosophy at the School of Philosophy, Australian National University (2012) and a Part-time Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Southampton (2011-13).

Research Interest

Emma Bullock's primary research interests are in normative ethics and the philosophy of medicine, specifically in relation to the nature and justifiably of paternalistic interferences.


  • Bullock EC, Gergel T, Kingma E. Conference Report Interdisciplinary workshop in the philosophy of medicine: Parentalism and Trust. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice. 2015;21(3):542-8.

  • Bullock EC. A Normatively Neutral Definition of Paternalism. The Philosophical Quarterly. 2015;65(258):1-21.

  • Bullock EC. Mandatory Disclosure and Medical Paternalism. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. 2016;19(2):409-24.

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