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S G Raghavendra Prasad

Assistant Professor
Information Science and Engineering
RV College of Engineering


B.Sc., B.E., M.Sc(IT),M.S.(ASIC)

Research Interest

Discrete Mathematics, Graph theory, Automata theory,Applied mathematics, Multicore Programming, Computer System performance analysis, Fault Tolerance


  • JayachandraBabu K, Raghavendra Prasad S.G, Dr. MungaraJitendranath, “Development of Openflow Soft-Switch”,International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering, Volume 4, Issue 3, March 2014 ( ISSN 2250 – 2459 (Online)) Pg No. 782-785

  • Nikhit Kumar, Abhijith S, Shruti Jajoo, S G Raghavendra Prasad, Dr. Jitendar Mungara “Low cost Intelligent Parking management and Guidance System”, IJECS (International Journal Of Engineering And Computer Science) Volume 4 Issue 4 April 2015, ISSN:2319-7242 Page No. 11297-11300

  • Salma Khazi, S G Raghavendra Prasad, Dr. Jitendar Mungara, “Efficient packet delivery framework using Geocast routing approach in VANET”, IJITR (International Journal Of Innovation technology and Research) ISSN:2320-5547, Page No: 265-268.

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