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Mohsen Saeedi

Department of Water and Environmental Engineering
Iran University of Science & Technology


Dr. Mohsen Saeedi obtained his PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Tehran in Iran. He is currently associate dean and an associate professor of Environmental Engineering at school of civil engineering of Iran University of Science and Technology in Tehran. His main research interests include  water quality assessments, physical-chemical treatment, waste management, soil and sediment pollution and remediation. He has published about 40 peer reviewed journal papers, two books and had several national and international conferences paper presentations.

Research Interest

His main research interests are as follows: Environmental Hydrology Environmental Baseline and Assessment Studies Environmental Risk Assessments Petroleum Hydrocarbons Pollution in Soil and Sediment Soil and Sediment Heavy Metal Pollution Assessment Fate of Heavy Metals in the Aquatic Environments and Sediment Chemical Treatment Processes for Industrial Water, Wastewater and Remediation Environmental Impact Assessments Sorption/Desorption Processes of Pollutants in the Environment Industrial Waste Management, Treatment and Disposal

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