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Shahrara Afshar

Iran University of Science & Technology


Dr.sharara Afshar, Ph.D.: University of Surrey (UK), 1979.

Research Interest

Inorganic Chemistry Nanochemistry Coordination Chemistry Environmental Chemistry


  • Tris- and Tetrakis (1- methylcytosine) complexes of Pt (II): Syntheses and X-ray structure of [Pt(1-Mec- N3)3CL]+ and [Pt(1-Mec-N3)4CL]2+ Compounds. A. Hegmans, E. Freisinger, E. Zangrando, A. Afshar, E. Hubener, T. G. Appleton, B. Lippert; Inorg. Chim. Acta; 279, 152-158, 1998.

  • Synthesis of Mesocyclic polythioethers using the Cesium Dithiolate Technique. M. N. Setzer, S. Afshar, N. Burns; L. A. Ferrante; A. M. Hester; E. J. Meehan; G. J. Grant; S. M. Isaac; C. P. Laudeman; C. M. Lewis and D. G. VanDerveer. Heteroatom Chemistry, Vol. I, number 5, 375, 1990.

  • Schiff base complexes of the lanthanides and thorium (IV), and uranium (IV) complexes with N, N - ethylenbis (5- tert-butyl- salicylideneimine); proton NMR and other spectroscopic properties, Afshar Shahrara and Bullock Joseph I. Inorg. Chim. Acta; 1980, 38(2), 145-9.

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